Guide: 14 of the most unique winter activities in Canada

Canada is no place for a boring winter, pals. With some of the most incredible winter activities in the world right here in Canada, you’ve got no excuse to spend the whole season in a blanket burrito! Maybe like, a third of it. Max. The other two-thirds of your time is going to be spent doing things like dog sledding, ice climbing, and eagle spotting. Here are 14 of the most unique winter activities in Canada! Bundle up and let’s go. Imagine getting pulled through the mountains by a team of go

Sleep surrounded by a pack of wolves at this magical Canadian lodge

Imagine waking up to the beautiful sounds of nature. The sun is on your face. Birds are chirping. You open your eyes, and… there’s a wolf. A whole pack of wolves. No, this isn’t a survival show gone wrong or a horror flick, it’s actually an experience at Parc Omega! Let’s back up. Parc Omega is a safari park of sorts in Quebec. Most people come to jump in their car and cruise by elk, muskox, ibex, bears, moose, and bison. The most Canadian safari there ever was! Is feeding an ibex a carrot out

The 10 Best Long Distance Walks in the UK

The UK is incredible to explore on foot, and taking a long-distance walk along one of the many world-class trails will get you up close and personal with the epic scenery and historical treasures that a drive-by tour just can’t do justice. If the UK excels at one thing, it’s giving you a dizzying array of choice between incredible long-distance walks! From the Highlands of Scotland to the coastline of England, there are thousands of kilometres of impeccable land to explore. Want to find the Loch Ness monster? Lose yourself on the coast of Northern Ireland? Look over English cliffs so beautiful they’ve inspired poetry? There’s a perfect long-distance walk in the UK waiting for you. Get your walking shoes on and hit the trail!

Interview: The story of Chotto Matte, Toronto’s hottest new restaurant

We’re not normally overachievers, but we decided to go extra hard here just for you. We’ve told you about the opening of Chotto Matte, one of Miami’s fave restaurants. It’s one thing to tell you about the awesome Tokyo vibes and delicious Nikkei food. However, it’s above and beyond to sit down with Owner and Founder Kurt Zdesar (the man behind world-famous sushi spot Nobu) and Executive Chef Jordan Sclare to get the deets on how this new hotspot came to be. Yeah, we went above and beyond. Our g

7 Epic Pakistan Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List

Pakistan is a must-see travel destination and perfect for a trip full of excitement and adventure. Adventures through Pakistan are full of epic scenery, incredible activities, and sweeping views. Get up close to some of the tallest mountains in the world, hike through stunning valleys, or off-road through uninhabited plateaus. Now is a great time for a truly remarkable adventure. Book your epic Pakistan trip today!

Take a peek inside Toronto's magical Dr. Seuss exhibit

One fish, two fish, three fish, purple fish… Is that right? We’re here to give you an exclusive peek into Oh, The Places You’ll Go, which hopefully include Toronto’s incredible Dr. Seuss exhibit! Get ready for memories of childhood storytime you didn’t even realize you still had. The exhibit is centered around a maze based on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Also, you can explore rooms based around old favourites like “The Lorax,” “The Cat in the Hat,” and “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?” Ba

This remote Airbnb in Newfoundland's Iceberg Alley is a nature lover's dream

Ah, ‘ome sweet ‘ome, right? That’s what we always say. The Ome Pod in Newfoundland is hands-down one of the coolest Airbnbs we’ve ever seen, and they’re making sure hometown warm and fuzzies are there every step of the way. The Ome Pod (which we were pronouncing “omee” and “ohm” in our heads before making the “home” connection, whoops) is nestled into the coastline of Burlington, Newfoundland. It’s just mere steps from the water of Iceberg Alley. How many times in your life have you sat with y

Guide: 7 of the Most Beautiful Hikes in Ontario

Alright, we may not quite have what our friends to the west have in terms of mountainous terrain. However, don’t let that stop you! There are still some solid hikes in Ontario you can take advantage of. Also, less grizzly bears over here. That’s a major upside. With all of that in mind, here are seven of the best hikes in Ontario to check out this spring. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Actually, do. Especially at Dundas Peak since they are oh so pretty. The forest scenery is A+ and we love the vi

INTERVIEW: The sentimental story behind El Rey's menu

We’ve got an absolute treat for you today, Toronto! It’s coming in the form of mezcal and Mexican food, which is one of our favourite kinds of treats. El Rey Mezcal Bar is debuting a new summer menu on May 8th. Also, they’ve cooked up a brand new prix-fixe AND new summer cocktails. They didn’t have to go that hard, but they did it for us. Single happy tear. The summer menu is full of vibrant, fresh dishes. Think ceviche, tacos, and tostadas. It’s all perfect for enjoying on the patio in the sun